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I got stomach flu for Christmas. Yay me! At least it didn't hit until this morning so I got to eat julbord and drink glögg yesterday. Missed the turkey today though :(

I hope you're all having a great weekend, whether you celebrate Christmas or not!
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Happy Midsummer everyone! Time for me to put on my folk costume, get the moonshine out, and go jump around a huge phallos symbol, pretending to be a little frog!

Yes, it's a parody. We don't really eat our raw fish like that.
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Please take a moment to think of the Alzheimer's organisation of your choice today.

Also, Happy Towel Day! And Happy Geek Pride Day while we're at it :)


Dec. 23rd, 2010 10:27 pm
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I am officially on Christmas holiday. No more work for me until next year! All the gifts are bought and wrapped and packed up for the trip home to my parents tomorrow where the rest of the family has already gathered. Still cold and snowy. My little brother drove mum's car into a ditch this afternoon (no damage to the brother, only minor damage to the car) so I'll have something to tease him about when I see him.

Should I be this exhausted before the holidays have even started? It feels like I've been on the move the entire week. Gift shopping, food shopping, ridiculous amounts of work, trying to get some exercise in between. It's entirely possible I might have overdone it a little bit - my joints are not happy. But now I just have to get through the weekend and then I finally have a few days to relax before it's back to work again.

Anyway. Time for my day-before-Christmas-Eve-tradition of pizza and Die Hard! I have a feeling I might fall asleep halfway through...
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Yesterday was Towel Day! (And apparently also Geek Pride Day. Huh)

Oh, David, never change! )
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Please think of your local Alzheimer's organisation today.

Also: Towel Day - Don't Panic
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I forgot to do one of these last year, but I'm making one now! Cue Zin rambling at great length about her writing...

2009 in fanfic )
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Christmas day and much turkey has been eaten. I've been spending the holidays with my family, doing absolutely nothing.

As for John and Rodney in the Entangled Particles 'verse, well, it's Christmas where they are too. Here's a little gift to you, almighty f-list. Thank you for the way you enrich my life. I hope you're all having a nice, calm, stress-free couple of days, whether you celebrate Christmas or not, and I hope that you get to spend them with people you love.

Probability Theory (EP!John/Rodney, PG, unbeta'd but written with lots of love. )
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Believe it or not, but the sun is actually shining. I haven't been to see any Lucia concerts since it's cold and I don't want to go outside. Nor have I adorned myself with tinsel, even if it's a little bit tempting. Instead, I stayed in and made Saffron bread!

Pictures and recipe )
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Yesterday was Walpurgis Night in Sweden, something that must be acknowledged. It's huge in the village where I grew up, and naturally I had to document the whole thing.

In my village, we celebrate spring by setting things on fire... )
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Well, today is Christmas day and I think most of the world are done with the celebrations. We are a little impatient in Sweden so we opened gifts and ate ham, pickled herring, smoked salmon, meatballs, sausages, and candy yesterday, and then finished the whole thing off by having turkey today. (I didn't actually eat ham and meatballs and sausages, but I watched my family stuff their faces with meat.) Anyway, I've had a good Christmas, and I hope you all had too! With an f-list like mine, it's like Christmas every day! Thank you for all the great fic and art you make, and all the entertaining posts and the thoughtful comments. Never change!

I didn't send any cards or gifts this year because I've been pretty pathetic lately, but you all know that I love you. I'll just say Happy Holidays with the help of Frank Sinatra, Cary Grant, and my favourite Christmas song! (And if you don't celebrate Christmas, I hope you've had a happy few days anyway!)

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Well, this is the day where us Swedes dress up in white, put candles in our hair and sing songs. I did not, because I've been in enough Lucia processions to last me a lifetime. Also, I'm drugged to the gills and easily distracted by shiny things like toothbrushes and cutlery, and every time I sit down, I fall asleep. Despite this, I've spent the day at IKEA with my parents. It was a very interesting experience. ("I'm gonna try that bed over there." "Okay, we'll wake you up when it's time to go home." )

I have aquired a lamp, a shower curtain rod, new curtains for my living room, a table cloth, kitchen scissors, an in/out tray for my mail, six glasses with elephants on them, and two green candles. I am now completely out of money. And Mum bought me a lovely carpet for my living room as an early Christmas gift. Yay for Mum! I also got a potted plant for my sisters, which looks like curly chives. (The plant, not my sisters.)

Now I'm waiting for Dad to give me a ride back to Borlänge where I will without doubt fall asleep again even though I should really really be writing instead. I feel like the lamest person on Earth right now. Anyway, my darling sisters have invited me to dinner tonight. I'll try to stay awake for that at least.

I really really hope I'm feeling better next week or Mr. and Mrs. Boss will think I'm completely pathetic. I was so exhausted after my physio session yesterday morning that I spent most of the afternoon resting on the sofa in the back room. (And Mr. Boss was so nervous that I'd faint again that every time I tried to get up, he ordered me back to the sofa. He even offered to drive me home. My bosses are the best.)

Anyway - what I really was going to write about is St. Lucy's day. I haven't done anything special this year, so I'll just link you to last year's Lucia post - In Which Rodney Wins the Nobel and there are Girls on Fire.

Bleh, I really babble when I'm drugged. Going back to work now, I promise!

ETA: Merlin tonight! OMG it will be epic and awesome and probably make me cry and we'll have to wait forever for next season, which, in itself is awesome because there will BE a next season and I should really stop talking now, but I don't know how, because MERLIN!

Shutting up now. Bye.
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In my country we celebrate spring by freezing our asses off and setting things on fire.


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