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You must read the fic I got for [livejournal.com profile] sga_santa - That Comfort Thing, an Post-Last Man AU in which John really wants a hug and eventually gets one. Angst and cuteness! Thank you so much, Santa!
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The McShep Fan Awards of 2008 has announced the nominees! I won't have a chance with this kind of competition, but I'm still looking forward to reading and re-reading my favourites.
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You know those stories you could just read over and over until you know them by heart and then read them a couple of times more? Dumbstruck by [livejournal.com profile] the_cephalopod  and [livejournal.com profile] sgamadison  is one of those stories. They have John stripped down to the very core of himself while still keeping him John, and Atlantis and her inhabitants do their very best to fix what is wrong and John and Rodney do their best not to fix what isn't. 

There is also the most lovely cover by [livejournal.com profile] bluespirit_star !

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Thank you so much for all the recs. I have the best f-list ever!

And [personal profile] the_cephalopod wrote me Entangled Particles fic - The Physics of Ferris Wheels , which is made of adorable and totally made my heart melt. Thank you so much, hon! *hugs you tight*
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I have wet dreams about setting my workplace on fire and watching it burn. Does that make me a bad person?

So, do you have any feel-good stories? You know, those fics you go back to over and over again when you need something that makes you smile? I don't mind a little angst, but I want there to be happy endings. Hugs and/or blowjobs would be a bonus.

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Sorry for spamming you today. I just have to throw in a quick rec. Remember that story where John was very very fond of Rodney's fleece? You thought that was wrong? It's nowhere near these fics in terms of wrongness.

Sometimes John Sheppard Even Disturbs Himself and Sometimes John Sheppard Disturbs Everyone Around Him by [personal profile] mckays_girl

John and sockpuppets and crack all over the place, and I kind of want to go scrub my brain with bleach but... ngh.

And those hugs? Keep 'em coming people!
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If you're in the mood for some long plotty McShep goodness, you need to read Catalyst by [personal profile] the_cephalopod. It's ~37 000 words of angsty cuteness and hot sex. So get rid of the kids, significant others and pets screaming for your attention, make yourself a cup of tea and sit down and enjoy! And then you need to fanperson Cep like whoa, 'cause she's awesome.
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Two things you don't want to miss.

#1: The brilliant [personal profile] anyanka_eg wrote companion fic to my John Sheppard and the Big Alien Conspiracy! From the aliens' point of view! It is hilarious and you need to read it now now now!
The Big Alien Conspiracy by [personal profile] anyanka_eg

#2: [personal profile] oxoniensis fifth  porn battle is under way. There are quite a few SGA prompts!
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[personal profile] the_cephalopod wrote me tied up!John porn! It is hot like a sizzling hot thing!

There is a ceremony and Rodney finds out new things about John. My brain turned into mush somewhere around here: “Rodney,” John begs, his voice nothing but a low needy whisper, “please.” His hands, tied tightly by his sides, clench and unclench in a futile attempt to reach for Rodney. He wriggles his hips as far as the ropes will allow, trying to thrust his very obviously erect cock towards Rodney's face.

And it only gets better...

Go read Tied and then tell Cep how much she rules!

*goes to clean drool off keyboard*
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So, I'm in Dalecarlia staying with my family. It's ridiculously cold, but beautiful, at least as long as I get to stay inside, sitting in front of the fire with a cup of glögg! Also, I get to spend some time with stupid!cat, which is always fun. Just not when he wants to sit in my lap while I'm knitting. Cats+yarn= no fun. Or well, it's very fun for the cat. Just not for me.

My sister and I decorated the tree this morning. It's probably the ugliest tree in the history of mankind but we had fun. All the gifts are wrapped and we have sampled the pickled herring and the Christmas ham (well, not me, 'cause I don't eat ham).  I have a headache and I'm going to spend the rest of the evening working on [profile] fics4books stories. I have quite a lot to do at the moment, but you can expect them sometime after the holidays!

Oh, and I got my [community profile] sga_santa fic, Forward the Happy Ending! It's a really great story with hurt/comfort and John being silly and Rodney making everything better - just the way I like it. Thank you so much, Santa!

In case I don't get online tomorrow - Happy holidays everyone! You are all amazing people and you have made my life so much richer in the short time I've been active in the fandom.
To all writers - thank you for sharing all your beautiful stories, both the fluffy and the angsty and the cracky! You bring so much depth to our favourite characters and you make our show come alive in a very special way!
To all readers - thank you for reading and leaving comments! I think I speak for most writers when I say that those comments are one of the best things about sharing our stories. Knowing that our work is appreciated makes our hearts go all warm and tingly :)   

So, to those of you who celebrate Christmas - Happy Christmas! To those of you who celebrate something else - Happy (insert your holiday of choice here)! I hope you all have a wonderful time together with your loved ones!
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The kissing festival is over, and I just thought I'd list the ones I wrote and a couple of my favourite kisses. The rest of them can be found at [community profile] mcsmooch! Go! Read! Comment!

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I should not be LJ:ing right now. I should be writing that John/Rodney AU where Rodney is a writer and John reads his book and things happen. Just had to get these down before I forget them.

Thank you for flying Church of England by [personal profile] someinstant[Bad username or unknown identity: ]If Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett merged and wrote SGA-fic, it would probably turn out something like this. It has sacred fish! Marxist marines! Teyla in prison for refusing chocolate cake! I have so much love for this fic that I can't find any words. It has footnotes! That says it all, really.

The Aftermath by
[profile] saffie_lew
One of the best The Storm/The Eye tags I have ever read. It has John in the aftermath, still soaring on the adrenaline high, so intense, so focused, up until the point where it all breaks. It's lucky Rodney's there to catch him. This is John at his scariest and it's so, so good.

 Okay, all done. Will write fic now, watch Torchwood later.


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