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I finally got to see Captain America last night. The American film industry hates Sweden and doesn't want us to get to see any movies. (According to my guy, it's the Russians' fault for releasing so many cams, but I couldn't really follow his logic...)

I'll keep it spoiler-free by just saying that it I enjoyed it and that there were many nice shots of Chris Evans' bare chest and that I wish there had been more screen time for the Howling Commandos (Neal McDonough as Dum Dum Dugan, need I say more?). I haven't read the comics, just The Avengers, so I don't really have a personal relationship with the character (except for how much I ship him with Iron Man. Really, they should just get married right now. 'Cause, you know, Steve is a nice wholesome boy and wouldn't want to live in sin. Even if Tony definitely would want to. A lot of sin.) Now I can't wait for The Avengers movie next year!

Now for my issues about 3D... )
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I'm beginning to encounter the mindset that Behring Breivik, the man responsible for the shootings and most likely the bombings in Norway, is 'just' a crazy right-wing extremist (like that would somehow make anything better?)

NO. No, he isn't. The man is a terrorist, plain and simple. Suggesting that he's not guilty of terrorism simply because he's not an islamist is a) incredibly racist and b) wrong, wrong, wrong.

Let's not make any apologies for this guy, okay?
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Still waiting for Watchmen, I was surfing around for reviews and I came across this little piece of hateful trash. I'm kind of angry now... Basically what she says is that Watchmen will destroy all that is good and pure in the world, since there is graphic violence, graphic sex and (gasp!) homosexuals! Not to mention the 'computer generated penis swinging about'.

I agree with her on one point - I would not take a small child to see the movie. I wouldn't let a small child read the graphic novel either. The first time I read it, I was about twelve and I didn't get it at all - it wasn't until much later I was mature enough to appreciate the brilliance that is Watchmen. But seriously - if parents allow their precious innocent little kids to watch the film despite the R-rating, and without looking up what the film is about, can they really blame Hollywood? There's this little thing called parental supervision. I think it's a great thing! Take some fucking responsibility for your own offspring, morons!

I have a few things to say on the topic:

1. Graphic novel =/= Comic book.

2. You can't even begin to compare Watchmen to other superhero stories. Superheroes are pretty fantasies. Watchmen tells the tale of a world where costumed vigilantes are real. It's not meant to be pretty - it's mean to be realistic!

3. Making action figures of the characters does not mean the movie is marketed towards kids. Adults enjoy action figures too (even if that apparently makes us, in the words of a commenter: 'losers'). And how can anyone who has seen the trailers say that this film is meant for children? Wait - did she actually watch the trailers before she went to see the film? Apparently not.

4. Having sexual relations with more than one man throughout the film does NOT make Silk Spectre II 'slutty'. Being raped by The Comedian does NOT make her mother 'slutty'. Having to explain to your child what a lesbian is should NOT be the end of the world. (Yes, she's one of those.) Seriously, woman, can you even see what kind of shit you're writing here? YOU FAIL SO HARD IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY!

I suspect the reviewer went to see the film expecting another cheesy patriotic superhero movie in which America is great and perfect and the good guys win at the end. Sorry, dear film critic person, that's not what Watchmen is about. Why don't you do some background reading next time before you diss something you have no capability  to understand? And then proceed to insult and belittle the commenters who don't agree with you? BTW, according to Goodwin's law, YOU LOSE!

Disclaimer 1: I have not yet seen the film, but I expect it to rock.

Disclaimer 2: I have nothing against cheesy patriotic superhero movies. I just have to be in the right mood for them.

Disclaimer 3: Yep, this is serious business. I will go take a cool shower and calm down now.

ETA: Is it wrong that the terrible computer generated penis of doom makes me want to see this movie even more? And hey - it's blue! If this was SGA fandom, there would already be crack. I can has SGA crossover where Rodney=Dr Manhattan and John=Silk Spectre and they don't break up? Though I guess Rodney would make a good Nite Owl as well. But then there would be no blue penis swinging about.

I should be sleeping now. Can you tell?

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Okay, this entry is sort of personal, but I'm going to make it public anyway. If you don't want to know very private things about me and my pet depression, the black beast, don't read.

Anyway, apparently the Swedish National Board for Health and Welfare wants Cognitive behavioural therapy to replace medication for patients with depression and anxiety-related illnesses.

I think they suck. )
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I have a few things to say today.

1. [livejournal.com profile] sheafrotherdon has a friendship/flirting/thinking of you fest going on.

2. The MAFA:s (Merling/Arthur fic awards) are open for nominations.

3. Stupid!cat fails to understand that if he wants me to pet him, he needs to jump up into my lap. I will not bend over and lift his heavy ass.

4. I think I'm a little bit in love with Patrick Jane of The Mentalist. He's just the kind of infuriating tragic bastard that I tend to fall in love with. If I ever met him, I'd probably slap him though. Yes, I have an abysmal taste in men. 

5. I itch.

6. There is absolutely nothing on TV.

7. The trial against the Pirate Bay people begins today. I probably won't follow the spectacle but lots of luck to you, guys. (Nope, won't f-lock this. It's not illegal to support them, is it?) It's weird how they're going to spend all that money on an eternity long trial against people who share stuff on the internet, but you let guys who rape teenagers go free, the police call immigrants 'monkeys', and just this week a diabetic blind woman with both her legs amputated got a letter from the social insurance office promting her to get off her ass and get to work, only in more diplomatic terms. Real classy, Sweden!

8. Going for a walk now. Yay!

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The fandom police strikes again and a talented writer has felt it necessary to friendslock her journal to protect herself from mean and hurtful comments. And all this because she wrote a story that certain people found offensive. This pisses me off in more ways than I can count.

Newsflash for you, fandom: There is only one person responsible for your feelings and that is YOU. If you find a story offensive, it has nothing to do with the writer. That interpretation is in YOUR head. (That is, unless the story is deliberately written to be offensive, which was not the case in this particular wank.)

As writers, we can't let our readers dictate what we write. We can't constantly stop to consider if someone might find the story we are writing offensive, because then nothing would be written. I'm sure someone out there finds penis gourds offensive, so Koteka would never exist. Hell, a lot of people find slash offensive so I'd have to delete pretty much everything fandom related I've ever written to protect the slash haters' precious little feelings.

I have said this before about the show, and now I say it again but this time about fandom. It's not your right to decide what a writer should or should not write! If you don't like a story - well, that's what the back button is for!  And if you really really feel that you need to inform the author of your disapproval, you can do it in a nice way with constructive criticism. You do not start big flame-fest and bring all your friends to the party. You do not throw around words like 'misogynist' and 'woman-hater'. That is offensive. It's probably something of the worst you can accuse a fellow sister of being.

So once again, in capslock this time just to make myself extra clear:




So, this rant will probably label me as anti-feminist who supports killing off female characters. To that, I can only say that I'm as much feminist as you. The difference between us is that I know how to use my common sense when reading. Lastly, I don't support killing Jennifer Keller - but I do support any writer's right to do so if they should feel like it.

There, now I'm all finished.

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This guy, Lennart Sacrédeus, is a Christian Democrat and also one of our MP:s in Sweden. He has this very bright opinion: "If we legalise same-sex marriage, it will soon be okay to have 'relationships' with children and animals."

And this guy is the MP for my own home-county. I'm a little ashamed to be from Dalecarlia now. I don't want to be associated with the likes of him. Just when I think Sweden is a relatively queer-friendly country after all, some moron will always crawl out of the woodworks and prove me wrong.

Dear Lennart,
I fail to see how a loving marriage between two consenting adults can be compared to child- or animal abuse. I fail to see how a gender neutral marriage law is immoral. If there's anything immoral, it's that there is group of people in this country who still, in the year 2008, don't have the right to be legally married to the person they love.
Lennart, you're stupid. Please keep your mouth shut in the future.
No love,

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If the only thing you can do is find fault with the show, why watch it in the first place?

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I'm... I don't know.

Am I the only one who sometimes feels like I have to apologise for being white, living in a developed country and being relatively un-oppressed? That I'm supposed to feel like a bad person for not having the energy to fight everyone else's battles for them?

Hell, even that last sentence makes me feel like shit, because I'm one of those who preaches about how feminism is not just a women's issue. And that means I should expand my social conscience to not include just women's rights and GLBT rights and environmentalism, but take on racism and handicap rights and animal rights and every social stereotype under the sun, and no matter how many barricades I climb, there'll always be someone I'll fucking forget.

And then I'll stand there, being exactly the kind of person I detest. One of the people who lets their ignorance cloud their world-view, one of the people who feel proud of themselves because they buy ecological milk while driving home from the store in a gas-guzzling SUV.  

So. Let's just say I got an eye-opener today, and I didn't like what I saw. And worse than that, I can't even bring myself to care. I can't force myself to see the thing I initially thought was fun and cool as the ugly stereotype it so obviously was. I know it makes me a part of the problem, but I just... do I have to rage against everything?    

God, I get tired sometimes.    


Jan. 26th, 2008 04:16 pm
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I'm not usually prone to fandom wank, but I just have a few things to say regarding the [community profile] mckay_sheppard situation of the last days.

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So, this week's episode can basically be summed up with two words: Oh, Rodney!

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Ok, about this new adult content flagging thing?  


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