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Who else is getting anxious about the H50 premiere next week? I thought so. While we're waiting, I hereby declare this day Alex O'Loughlin Face Day!


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I'm sitting at work and we don't have anything better to do than watch youtube videos of drunk people falling down, so I might as well do this instead.

So, [livejournal.com profile] sgamadison asked me why I like Suits and I had to do some thinking. I usually hate lawyer shows, but for some reason, this one caught my interest. (I swear, it's not only because of the pretty people and the snark.)

Usually, the best way to make me like a show is to have the the characters be likeable. They don't have to be saints or anything, but I want them to at least be good guys. In Suits... they aren't. More often than not, I'd like to smack them with a spoon until they start behaving. And for some strange reason, I like it. No one is exclusively good or bad.

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Jun. 18th, 2011 07:30 pm
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How did I miss that Covert Affairs started again? I love this show! Everyone is so pretty and... well, pretty!

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I would really like to go home and back to bed today, so I hereby declare this Multifandom Nap Day!


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The sun is shining, I have a date tonight, and life is generally pretty much okay.

I hereby declare this day Multifandom Bulletproof Vest Day.

(Kono don't need no stinkin' vest. She repels bullets with the sheer force of her awesomeness.)

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I hereby declare this Pretty Men In Shirts-Day.

Because we all appreciate the way wardrobe seems to sew Scott Caan into his...

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It's Friday and the sun is shining. This makes me happy.

In honour of other shiny things, I hereby declare this day Grace Park Smile Friday!


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I hereby declare today Shirtless O'Lough Day! Really, every day should be Shirtless O'Lough Day, but I think this day in particular needs it.


Pic from alexoloughlinfan.com

ETA: If anyone wants to throw in Shirtless Scotty or Shirtless Daniel or Bikiniclad Grace, I will certainly not complain. Or Shirtless Joe or Shirtless David or (mmm....) Shirtless Jason. Why not just make it Shirtless Multifandom Day?
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It's winter solstice, -20 C and nose-freezingly cold. Still beautiful though.

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I need a picture and I'm not sure if it exists. The picture I need, is a picture of either John Sheppard or Joe Flanigan in civvies. It should be a picture that could be taken out of the Entangled Particles boys' photo album, maybe the one Rodney framed and put on his desk. The one Rodney stares longingly at when John is working late. Sometimes he even reaches out to caress picture!John's face, but he will never, ever admit this.

They don't officially have a photo album... )

What I meant to say is this: I'm definitely not encouraging you to post tons and tons of pictures of Joe. I will definitely not love you if you do this.

And now I'm off to the NaNo kick-off. Yay!


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