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* I'm sorry for my absence the past month. I'm also sorry for being behind on answering comments and mails. Will get to that as soon as I can. Please let me know if I missed anything important!

* NaNoWriMo is over for this year. Now I'm sitting here with a monster of a first draft for a gay superhero-ish romance that is going to need a lot of editing but might possibly turn out to be readable in the end. (97.468 words in 26 days. I don't even know...)

* I have absolutely no idea what to write for [livejournal.com profile] hc_bigbang. SGA? H50? Avengers? Leverage? Suits? I'd love to write that story where Rodney keeps getting married (to other people than John) and John keeps waiting for him to get a clue. I'd also love to write that story where Danny has to go back to Jersey to tie up loose ends and there are many epic long distance calls. Or the one where Tony actually has to deal with his alcoholism before he's allowed to be an Avenger. Or the one where Harvey decides to testify against Denis Cameron after all and paints a big target on his own back. Or the one where Parker, Hardison and Eliot fight zombies. Or the one where Steve has to grieve for things that the rest of the world only knows as ancient history. Or the one where Atlantis falls and the survivors are trapped in the Pegasus galaxy on a Traveller ship. Or the one where the reason for why Danny has been such an ass this season is because he's trying to deal with losing the baby that turned out not to be his. Or the one where... well, you get the idea. (BTW, I'm very flattered that people keep asking, but I'm not writing Entangled Particles 'verse for this challenge. I feel like I've already tortured them enough...)
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I think I just found this year's NaNo characters. Now I just need a plot to go with them. It's probably going to be an extremely silly story about superheroes who aren't really superheroes. I might be able to work in a couple of zombies too.

So, anyone else doing NaNoWriMo this year?
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I can't possibly be the only one who wants a Psych/Supernatural crossover where Zachariah the angel works as a coroner for Santa Barbara PD, right?

Because you know... he does. And he said Winchester! And I'm... pretty much the worlds biggest nerd. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
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Soooo.... it's been a while since I wrote anything porny. First five people to comment with a prompt gets a ficlet with naked bits. Anything goes, though I reserve the right to interpret your prompt the way I choose.
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Snagged from pretty much everyone...

If you could have me write a fic specifically for you, what would it be like? Fandom, characters/pairing, genre, plot elements, kinks (if applicable)...what's your ideal fic from me?
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I'm bored and I feel like writing some porn. First five people to comment with a prompt gets a ficlet with naked bits!
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Still waiting for Watchmen, I was surfing around for reviews and I came across this little piece of hateful trash. I'm kind of angry now... Basically what she says is that Watchmen will destroy all that is good and pure in the world, since there is graphic violence, graphic sex and (gasp!) homosexuals! Not to mention the 'computer generated penis swinging about'.

I agree with her on one point - I would not take a small child to see the movie. I wouldn't let a small child read the graphic novel either. The first time I read it, I was about twelve and I didn't get it at all - it wasn't until much later I was mature enough to appreciate the brilliance that is Watchmen. But seriously - if parents allow their precious innocent little kids to watch the film despite the R-rating, and without looking up what the film is about, can they really blame Hollywood? There's this little thing called parental supervision. I think it's a great thing! Take some fucking responsibility for your own offspring, morons!

I have a few things to say on the topic:

1. Graphic novel =/= Comic book.

2. You can't even begin to compare Watchmen to other superhero stories. Superheroes are pretty fantasies. Watchmen tells the tale of a world where costumed vigilantes are real. It's not meant to be pretty - it's mean to be realistic!

3. Making action figures of the characters does not mean the movie is marketed towards kids. Adults enjoy action figures too (even if that apparently makes us, in the words of a commenter: 'losers'). And how can anyone who has seen the trailers say that this film is meant for children? Wait - did she actually watch the trailers before she went to see the film? Apparently not.

4. Having sexual relations with more than one man throughout the film does NOT make Silk Spectre II 'slutty'. Being raped by The Comedian does NOT make her mother 'slutty'. Having to explain to your child what a lesbian is should NOT be the end of the world. (Yes, she's one of those.) Seriously, woman, can you even see what kind of shit you're writing here? YOU FAIL SO HARD IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY!

I suspect the reviewer went to see the film expecting another cheesy patriotic superhero movie in which America is great and perfect and the good guys win at the end. Sorry, dear film critic person, that's not what Watchmen is about. Why don't you do some background reading next time before you diss something you have no capability  to understand? And then proceed to insult and belittle the commenters who don't agree with you? BTW, according to Goodwin's law, YOU LOSE!

Disclaimer 1: I have not yet seen the film, but I expect it to rock.

Disclaimer 2: I have nothing against cheesy patriotic superhero movies. I just have to be in the right mood for them.

Disclaimer 3: Yep, this is serious business. I will go take a cool shower and calm down now.

ETA: Is it wrong that the terrible computer generated penis of doom makes me want to see this movie even more? And hey - it's blue! If this was SGA fandom, there would already be crack. I can has SGA crossover where Rodney=Dr Manhattan and John=Silk Spectre and they don't break up? Though I guess Rodney would make a good Nite Owl as well. But then there would be no blue penis swinging about.

I should be sleeping now. Can you tell?

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1. I need a Merlin icon.

2. I am so very very tempted to sign up for [livejournal.com profile] boxofmagic , the Merlin Big Bang. I should be able to do this. I really should.

3. I am also kind of scared of signing up, 'cause I chickened out of SGA BB last year and I don't want to do a repeat performance.

3,5. I really want to make another attempt at SGA BB this year.

4. I have too many fics to write and too few planned fics finished.

4,5. Taking walks makes me think of oblivious!Rodney who keeps getting married and pining!John who keeps waiting for him to get his head out of his ass. Shoo, bunny! I don't have time for you!

5. I smell and will therefore take a shower.


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