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* Morlocks: Why David Hewlett and Robert Picardo can't stop laughing - A spoilery interview with David and Robert. I've missed these two! Oh, and apparently David is going to twitter his way through the film when it airs on SyFy, so big YAY! for those of you who get to watch it on TV.

* I've been having these strange vertigo attacks all week. I feel fine, then the whole world tilts and whirls around for a second, and the next moment I'm fine again. I have no idea why but I suspect a combination of stress and some kind of ear infection thing that doesn't quite want to break out. Very annoying, especially as I never know beforehand when they'll hit.

* I had planned on writing so many fills for the [livejournal.com profile] hawaii_50_hc commentfic meme, but people keep filling my favourites before I can find the time to do it! Not that I'm complaining of course...

* I found out that University of BorĂ¥s offers the librarian program I want to get into as a part time distance course. I've spent most of the week on their online application site with the cursor hovering over the 'send application' button. Haven't had the guts to actually click it yet, but I have until October 17:th.

* An interesting discussion I got dragged into earlier in the week:

What makes you ship a pairing?

Be it het, slash or femslash - what makes you sit up and decide that those two (or three or four or whatever) were made for each other? When you watch a show, is it important to you that there is a pairing for you to ship? How often do you ship canon pairings? If the writers break up your ship (canon or not) is that a show-ender for you? Do you enjoy watching a show more if you have a vested interest in a ship? For how many of your favourite shows do you have an OTP?

Come play with me!
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But I will probably watch it anyway just for David.

(Can anyone tell me what that thing on the end is supposed to be?)
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Yesterday was Towel Day! (And apparently also Geek Pride Day. Huh)

Oh, David, never change! )
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Don't know if you've seen this already. Anyway, here's the official Splice trailer with a blink-and-you'll miss it appearence of David Hewlett. (C'mon, we want mooooore!)

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David Hewlett on the Stargate auction:

dhewlett: Okay, here's the plan: We buy everything, put it all back together, and then we make the Stargate Atlantis movie. http://bit.ly/8qJ2tQ

Can we? Please, please, please?

Also this:

dhewlett: @Bad_Oyster Let it be known that I had to seek out and purchase my own orange fleecey. I don't have the one from Stargate Atlantis pilot.

FLEEEEECE! *flails* David, I love you forever and ever, Amen.
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dhewlett: You know who I'm missing? Everyone from Stargate Atlantis...I think it's the giant fish tanks...I'm getting old and sentimental!

Oh, David! So do we!!!
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dhewlett: Just ate sunblock to see how bad it was for Baz, who had just done the same. It seemed like the sort of thing a Dad should do. I was wrong.

Oh David, never change!

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It's David Hewlett's birthday today. This event must not go unnoticed.

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My love for David knows no bounds. You must watch his latest My Favourite Line vid.

I think I burst something laughing...


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