May. 18th, 2011 11:24 am
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All my shows are conspiring to break my heart this season :(

Spoilers for H50 1x24 - Oia'i'o )

Spoilers for Castle 3x24 - Knockout )

I need happy fluffy things now.
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EEEEE! Love! Love and squee! This was an awesome episode. I am not disappoint.

Spoilers for H50 1x23 - U Hiki Mai Kapalena Pau )
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Yesterday, I had a bit of a headache and stiff shoulders. This morning, I woke up with the worst wry neck of my life. When the simple motion of reaching for my cell phone to turn off the alarm made me cry (literally cry - that's how I know it's bad...) I had to realise that there would be no work for me today. Long story short, I've been forced to spend the entire day flat on my back because even thinking about moving made me hurt.

So with nothing else to do, I decided to watch the rest of Merlin season 3 that I haven't been able to work up the enthusiasm for before.

Spoilery spoilers for all of Merlin S3 )

(Neck is a little better now. I've got an appointment with my physical therapist tomorrow morning and he can hopefully sort it out.)
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I spent most of my afternoon trying to come up with excuses not to go to the gym and go home and watch this instead. In the end, however, I thought 'What would Steve do?' and actually went to the gym. (I swear I'm not using Steve McGarrett as a role-model in other aspects of my life. That would be very worrying.)

Anyway, Spoilers for H50 1x14, He Kane Hewa'ole )
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* [ profile] holmes_big_bang status report: 8k. Plot pretty much figured out. I have no illusions about the quality of the writing but hey, at least I'm writing! That's a good thing, right?

* I seem to be on a films-based-on-comic-books roll. Saw The Losers yesterday after mainlining the comics. The comic made more sense plot-wise than the film, but at least the film did not break my heart at the end. The characters are awesome in both comic and film. Cougar and Jensen and Aisha all own my heart.

* It's been a weird week, emotion-wise. I've been going around feeling guilty for no reason at all. I have nothing to feel guilty about! Even if I had, I would grab that feeling by the scruff of the neck and kick it out of the door, because my life? Guilt free zone! But to do that, I need to know the source of the guilt so I can just tell myself that it's really nothing to worry about in the long run. Whatever.

* The Mentalist is beginning to bore me. Castle still holds my interest. I cannot wait for Psych and Leverage to start up again.

* Aaaaaand I have watched Supernatural again. Spoilers up to 5x21 )
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My quest to catch up on Supernatural has begun! I have coffe, I have chocolate, I am ready to tackle this beast!

Spoilers up to SPN 5x17 )
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I'm thinking about taking a break. I haven't written anything in a loooong time and I feel terrible about it, so I might as well make the hiatus official and take the pressure off. Right now I just want find my way back to that place where I write because it's fun and not because I have to.

Over to more interesting things:

Spoilers for Doctor Who 5x3 - Victory of the Daleks )


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