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Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] bluespirit_star! I hope you're having a wonderful day :D Here is a little Entangled Particles ficlet for you:

Rodney isn't a big fan of sunshine, but a few times every year, he'll allow himself to be talked into spending a day at the beach. They pack the dog into the car and drive down to San Francisco Bay, to one of John's old surfing haunts. Rodney brings suncreen and sunhat and a huge beach umbrella, a stack of scientific journals, a cooler full of sandwiches (Turkey for John, ham and Swiss cheese for Rodney) and water and beer. John brings Lady's well-chewed old tennis ball.

They fight over the radio on the way down and John has the window rolled down, one hand on the wheel and the other hanging out of the window. Lady is already so excited that it's almost impossible to get her to settle down and Rodney suspects that if John could bark and wag his tail, he would do it too.

Rodney complains of course, but mostly out of old habit. If he's completely honest with himself, he has come to like their beach days. He likes rubbing sunscreen onto John's back, letting his fingers linger over old scar tissue. He likes sitting in the shade of his umbrella, reading articles and scribbling scathing comments in the margins. Most of all, he likes watching John.

John, who will strike up conversations with random surfers, a distant longing in his eyes. He'll jog slowly and carefully along the edge of the water with Lady dancing around his heels. He'll swim for hours, bobbing up and down in the water, dodging playing kids. He'll play catch with Lady until they're both panting and covered in sand and will need to be hosed down before Rodney will allow either of them back in the car.

By the time they two of them make it back to Rodney's spot in the shade, John will be limping a little more heavily than usual, but the elation on his face will make up for the discomfort. After they've eaten their sandwiches, John will doze for a while, stretched out on a beach towel with one arm covering his face, a small smile playing around the corners of his mouth, and the sand drying into his skin. Rodney will crack open another beer and scratch Lady's neck and just watch him, with deep and unbridled happiness.

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